Happy birthday, Michael!

MJ gave us much love
MJ gave us much joy too
He did everything to please us
Did everything to entertain us

MJ gave us beautiful music
Oh man he could dance, he was so unique
He inspired so many people
Showed the world true meaning of the American dream
MJ you showed you really cared
‘Cause MJ believed we could heal the world

He used the power of creativity
And gave so much money to charities Wish I could tell you…
How you could get me really excited
Wish I could thank you..
Tell you how much I’ve learnt from you.

Wish I could explain to you…
Explain how much you’ve meant to me
And how much I could feel you
A true fan who always will love you

Just keep on shining down on us from heaven
And keep on entertaining the angels up in heaven
Just keep on shining down on us from heaven
Keep on entertaining the angels forever

Your number one fan,
Gil Semedo